Thursday, December 7, 2017

SimpleDress online store - Wedding Dresses

Hello dear followers, 

Im here today to talk you about the store
First of all, before I share with you some of their products, I want to talk a little about this store so you know better, what they sell, etc. 

Basicaly is the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, accessories and women clothing. 

They have their own factories with professional taylors, and workers which make sure of the quality before shipping anything to you, you can and will find the trendiest bridal fashion in this store!

They provide a good customer service and better quality items at a affordable value. will continue to offer an extensive product selection and follow the international trends with attention!

They ship worldwide to over 230 countries, and they have more than 10 millions of products listed. 
Also you can contact them online at any time, they provide also a safe and secure purchasing environment using paypal payment. 

If you sign up now on their store website you will receive a $5 coupon! 

So now that I talked a little about them, im gonna chose from their cheap wedding dresses page, my favorites - the ones I wouldnt mind buying!

So these are my top favorites from this website, I fell in love with these designs and this last one I love the color so much! 

Would actually love to have it ! Red is a strong color, but I don't know, I just love the design it has 
- so stunning!

Also a reminder that if you click on the photos you go directly to the product page, so you can check more details about it, in case you got interested in one of these that I chose to share with you.

So please don't forget to go check this amazing store and their products! 
You wont regret it at all! Promise... 

If you need to contact them - I can tell you that they answer very quickly, so all your questions will be answered ASAP! 

Dont forget to tell me which dress is your favorite! 
And If you happen to have your top favorites,
you can write the links on the comments below, because I would love to see how my follower tastes are! Deal? :)

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Would love to have your support!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

FSJSHOES Online store!

Hello dear followers, 

Today im excited to share With You this amazing store Called FSJSHOES, and who doesnt love shoes? 

Well I cant have enough Shoes, I have so  many that sometimes  I dont know which  to use! But in this post im gonna share With You my favorite vintage shoes from this amazing store! 

I have to be honest was a really bit difficult  for me to chose my favorites  because I like them ALL! 

What can I say about these shoes? I love Mary Jane Pumps, these are so  irreverent, I love the colors so much and I imagine myself using them a lot.

Gladiator shoes I always loved  these so  much, I actually would love these more if they were a Darker brown or even Black! Still... they are beautiful!
Also  they sell other colors including those I mentioned! 

Polka dot, its not my favorite but, I love Red With white so I would definitely use these With some high  waist jeans and a White crop top, also Red lips! 

I LOVE the color, and the design really Good to use during  the fall! 

Ok, these are my alltime favorite!  They are similar to the creepers and I am in love With this color! I would love to have these shoes so much! 

Last but not least,  these boots, I actually already have many  shoes With this style,  they are very comfortable and I cant Get enough  of them! 

These end my list, but please go check this store, they have really Good reviews and Good quality products, also im sure you gonna fall in love With many shoes that they are selling!  

Tell me which ones are your favorites! 

See you in the next post! And dont forget to click the pictures so you can go to the products page for more details!  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yoins Review + Wishlist

Hello dear followers, today I have a really nice online store to share With You!

It is a store Called Yoins I particulary like this store name, I dont really know why but it is catchy for me! What about You? Maybe i am the only one having this opinion! 

As always I have chosen My favorite products from this store and will start showing them one by one. 

There is 2 categories that I will share You, first one is...

I have been were this color a lot lately, im not at ALL the biggest fan of green, camo green is the only one that I actually like to wear, I really liked this Dress!

Dont forget to click on the images so you can go to the products page and check other details, also most of these items are available in other colors and in sale! So go check the store out.

Again, not a fan of Light colors, since I am a blackholic but, in summer I actually dont mind wearing clothes like this! 

This is probably my alltime favorite from this category!

White, fresh and transmits peace 

...and a girly one.

I hope  some of these products might have catched your eye and you went to check out!

Now passing to the next category...

I would totaly use this playsuit on my everyday life, simple but feminine 

Darker colors is even better for me and I really liked this blue and the playsuit design 

One Word: Barbie

Tropical feelings ALL over this playsuit 

And last  but not least the sensual playsuit! 

Dont forget to check the store, really nice affordable prices and great disccounts!

Tell me which item was your favorite or favorites, and share With me an opinion about this store :)

Check these:

From the amazing Dress Head online store!

Check their dresses and im sure you are going to fall im love with their store! ♡

Friday, June 2, 2017

To be Irreplaceable one must always be different !

Hello dear followers, for a long long time I haven't posted any outfit of the day pictures, that's because I was not feeling well with my body, my self esteem was bad and every pic I would take I would hate it and think I was not well on it...

Took me a while to start liking myself again, but now I think I am in the right path!
And hopefully I will start posting more pictures of me and share with you my personal style!

I hope you can continue being with me in this huge blog journey, its very important for me and means a lot your support! So I have to apologize if my content has not been the most interesting one in the last months or even year... but we all have problems and sometimes they affect other areas of our lives, I know I shouldn't let it affect me but he does, but im here again and im trying to be strong and to continue doing what I love - and that is - my Youtube and my Blog! 

I hope you stay with me and please check my youtube ! <3

Thanks for everything.

Musician Friends

Hello dear followers, today im gonna share with you a great store called Musicians Friend you can find many unique guitars prs se custom 24 available at Musicians Friend ! 

You can make your custom guitar and they are always available ! How awesome is this?

You should also check the guitar below, just click on it so you can go directly to the products page.

I am a rock fan, and I wish I could actually play a guitar, but I am horrible at it! Maybe should get some guitar classes? :)

Stay tuned on my blog for more !