StyleWe Review and Wishlist!

Hello dear followers, today I have a awesome online store to show you! I even made a wishlist, couldn't control myself!

The first piece I show you is this amazing dress, it has like a mermaid feel, I would totally use this dress and feel like a princess! They call it Aquarius - the name combines with my "mermaid thought!" it's magical!

Click on the image so you can see the product on their website!


The next piece is this amazing bag! It's very feminine, girly, I love the color and the details, so it had to go to my wishlist! And the name of the product once again is very interesting and unique!

Click on the bag so you can go to the Handbags page, warning: hide your wallets! You will probably want to buy a bunch of handbags!

Just Star

Now, let's go to the more irreverent pieces of clothing!


I like how funny and interesting this dress is, I like the cartoon style, and how it looks so unique, original, I have already some dresses like this and they are always my favorite, so I can't get enough of these!

I just seriously love this t-shirt quote! What else can I say? I am sure many of you will agree with it! 

This Midi skirt had to be added to this list of course, I love the color, the texture seem perfect for the summer, and it's very fashionable! Not everyone's style I know... but in this store there's clothes for everyone's tastes!

From what I have been searching around this online store, they have amazing designers who try to and they actually conquer.... to bring to fashion new designs, ideas, unique stuff, just how I love! And style is one of the things who can actually define us!

So I think you should visit their store, just click (here) and see it for yourself, I am completely sure you will like what you see!

Promise :)

Tell me in the comments below your opinions on my chosen products, and tell me your favorites, you can even share the links with me! I always love to know more about you.

See ya in the next post, stay tuned! And don't forget to visit my YouTube channel, I have been very active there, love you!

Books and Ballads - Support them

Dear followers! How are you? Hope your fine, today I have a very interesting brand to show to you!

Books and Ballads (Click here to see the website)  this brand loves to be irreverent, unique, original, they believe that style is about expressing yourself and showing your individuality, and I couldn't agree more with it!

This August they will be launching a rage of  designer cocktail dresses, known by the name 
( The Wine Nights Collection).

In the pictures below you can see 3 outfits: A two piece dress, a pair of loose pants and a 3/4th sleeve dress all signed with their signature Wine Nights print!

They are having amazing discounts for this collection, don't forget to check it and to sign up your e-mail so you can receive all the news about this brand and their collections and campaigns! 

Books and Ballads: Quirky Fashion (Click here) 
Sign up so you can know where the campaign goes live!

You will be able to pre-order the collection beginning 9th August of 2016!

Also please support their campaign here: (Click)  

Leave me your thoughts and opinions about this lovely brand on the comments below!

Salt In The Air, Sand in my Hair

Hello dear followers, summer arrived and now I can get some color, since I am so pale. I have been a bit lazy with my blog, but sometimes is hard to take some pictures, these are my recent ones.

I hope you are having awesome holidays! Don't forget to check my channel, because I am usually more active there and also on my twitter or instagram.

Love you all and I hope you like these pics :') 

CocoMelody - Review

Hello dear followers, today I am gonna talk about CocoMelody, are you looking for a unique wedding dress for your special wedding day? Or any other special ocasion, where you want to look the best you can? And the latest designer wedding dresses are too expensive for you?

Why not shop at CocoMelody? They have amazing designer wedding dresses, this online store his trustworthy with over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. 

They have stunning high-quality wedding dresses (and more) inspired from top designers and surprisingly within your budget, yes that's right! :') 

Amazing don't you think? 

So prepare youself because I am gonna start showing you wedding dresses and you will fall in love instantly! I warned you ...

With these amazing designs , CocoMelody knows how important is to please the costumers, the key point in here is to make a top quality wedding dress and the inner structure of the bodice.

All dresses from this amazing store are specially designed with bones and of course it depends on styles, so that the shape will be formed correctly and reinforced, so the feminine curves can be perfectly manifested.

They also have these wedding dresses with sleeves and personaly these are my favorite!

With exclusive designs, hand-crafted details, CocoMelody dresses are priced reasonable, ranging mainly from $299 to $499. And believe me, from design to delivery, there is no middleman.

CocoMelody, has her own seamstresses, sample makers and designer, and they lead the entire process, so brides can save a lot on unnecessary expenses. No matter how much your budget is, brides can always find your dream dress on CocoMelody. 

With payment methods like credit card, paypal, bank transfer and amazon checkout.

This store is rated by third party certifications like resellerratings  and much more.

So you can view others ordering experience as a reference, or leave own comments to share experience with others. Brides satisfation is highly valued at cocomelody.  

They actually have physical dress boutiques in United States and Netherlands so brides can go there and enjoy a wonderful fitting service :)!

That way you can get the real look and feel of these fabulous wedding dresses.

By the way check out their sale campaign, use the code W4 for it.

The Sims 4 - CAS - WWE AJ Lee

Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish all my dear followers a very Happy Easter, full of delicious food and candies!

Just got these lovely Easter inspiration pictures from tumblr!

By the way, check my tumblr:

Have a beautiful day!

CocoMelody - Review

Hello dear followers, today I want to talk you about this beautiful online shop called CocoMelody (

CocoMelody offers you many trendy collections of stunning and very affordable bridesmaid dresses, some of them under $100, prom dresses and many more, everything that you consider "Special Ocasion", just go to CocoMelody and I am sure you will find everything you are looking for!

The dresses you can see in the pictures below are designer wedding dresses! Just browse trough them and tell me your favorites!

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

In CocoMelody all products are high quality and have a discount too!

Whatever you are dreaming off, whatever fabric, design, color, style, size, they have everything! You just need to browse trough their vast collections, like the ones I put up there in the post, so you can go check it. You place your order with your sizes and wait for it to get delivered at your home! 

You can select more dresses from the following products, hope they can meet your need! 

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

Faith by ANIIA, is my personal favorite! I love the dreamy designs and they look like princess couture wedding dresses, just like how I imagine myself one day... with my right prince 
(who I still need to find actually, ha ha)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

These dresses from this category are very Vintage!

I know that some of you are looking for some lovely prom dresses for your upcoming events or parties to look your best on that special day, but its too tough to get that perfect dress these days right? we never know what to chose, there's so many beautiful dresses out there, and in CocoMelody is one of those places, so I advice you to search there Prom Dresses Category (Follow this Link).

These are some of the beautiful prom dresses that appear when you browse on this category, I already have my eye on some of them! 

CocoMelody have ship worldwide and the payment method is by paypal wish is the safest method for online payment. The site is very well managed and items are very well arranged in an order! So anyone can easily search the items and select them to buy! 

By the way, this amazing online shop is not only for women, but for man too! Yes they actually sell man stuff, awesome don't you think?

You can use the $20OFF on wedding dresses that are $300+ you only have to use the code that you see on the little banner "W20" and it ends 3/31, so this is your chance to get your hands in some of these beautys! Don't waste more time, and go get your dream dress!

I hope that you'll find more awesome dresses that you'll ever love and Don't forget to check your size from the size chart before ordering the item you want! 

Tell me your honest opinion about this beautiful store.
And which one of all items are your favorite thing? 

Tell me everything!