Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Inspirations

Hello sweet followers, It’s a brand new week, and a brand new month! Woohoo! :)
And it’s the last month of this wonderful 2014 (wonderful means full of wonder, and one can find wonder even in the not-so-good things…)!
Have you started taking care of yourselves? You haven’t? Don’t worry, it’s never, NEVER, too late to start.
So take this beginning (of the week and of the month) as a chance to start devoting some time to yourselves, in the ways that are the most nourishing for your bodies, your minds, your hearts and your souls.
Have a magical December! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Oasap Giveaway Scam - HONEST!

You guys should remember the last giveaway I have done recently! I have seen the same giveaway on several blogs. So I decided to make the same giveaway to give you the opportunity to get you something nice in return for your support!

And I got SCAMMED!

I have been working with different brands and I never had these problems!

Oasap lied to me and to my winner! I have lost count of how many e-mails I have sent them, and how rude the person was to me and to my winner! When I said I would make the giveaway they answered me in hours, and when the giveaway ended I have sent the e-mail from the winner for them to contact the person and ask for the information and the answer I got was this one:

A super rude e-mail all in capslock and talking about I didn't reached enough comments, I received 50 comments, but some of you didn't comment, but you ALL left your e-mail in one of the entries and it was supposed to! So I sent an e-mail again telling about the winner and showing the entries from raflecopter with e-mails from you and in those entries said (56 e-mails) and there were the e-mails... so that this person could check them and see that I had more than 50 participants.
And the answer was:

Seriously... I already had sent a list with 56 e-mails to check and she tells me to send a list AGAIN! and after that the winner from the contest Mary from the blog (Click) has sent me a message telling me what was happening because oasap didn't contacted her yet and I told her what was happening and I showed her the e-mails and I have sent her the contact and she sent an e-mail and no one as replied!

And after that I answered " I have sent you a list" and they didn't answered me more, so I have sent this e-mail saying Answer me, PLEASE ;)" 

And the answer after 2 days of waiting was this one AGAIN, saying that I didn't reached 50 participants... alright some of you didn't comment on the post BUT as for that I have sent a proof showing the e-mail entries I got on raflecopter!

I seriously don't even care anymore about my prize as a blogger, but they don't want to send the prize to my winner! And this is a lack of respect to us! I have sent her e-mail for them to contact her she has sent an email too, and no one cares! I have been scammed! And I have seen more people having the same problem as me, so they are scamming hundreds of people! What a charming teamwork!

So it didn't take much time to see that others have been through the same with oasap!

And that's it, I gave them details of the participants, the winner and told them their behavior was unprofessional. Of course, no response!

I encourage you to not share anything about them, there are better stores out there and they don't scam..

Maybe you or another blogger you know had this same situation with them. Share the stories here and other will be aware of these scams!

And I am sorry for putting my followers and the winner in this situation!

PS: Mary (the winner) has made a post too about this oasap scam on her blog (click)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zoe's Barbie Shoes Creations

Hello dear followers, how have you been? 

Today I just received this package from Zoe's Barbie Shoes Creations, please check the store (CLICK) !

Bracelet: I am totally in love with this beautiful, unique, original bracelet! I have never seen one like this, I think it's perfect, it suits my style, and black and pink are my favorite colors to mix!
The bracelet is very well made, and has great quality I love every single detail of it and the barbie shoes are what makes this bracelet special for me, It suits me perfectly on my arm and I will very soon use it on a OOTD (outfit of the day)! I give to this bracelet 5/5! If you want one too, go to Zoe's store and get yours now (CLICK)!

Earrings: When I saw the earrings I just took them out of the package and used them all day! They are just soooo ... I don't have words dkgikhjelcm!You can see from the image above that they are super cute and as the bracelet - unique! They are very comfortable, not heavy because barbie shoes are not heavy at all, the pearls are beautiful and I love the colors, if you love being irreverent, unique and original in the way you dress, this bracelet and earrings are a must have!! So add it to your wishlist! I give 5/5!

I hope you really check Zoe's store and scroll trough the products, it is all hand made with great quality and unique products!