StyleWe and JustFashion

Hello dear followers,
Today im gonna talk you about the lovely store StyleWe and JustFashion!

I have more precisely 3 Topics to talk about today in this post! 

The first one is alter crop tops as you know crop tops have been a fashion trend for some while now, personaly I dont get sick of Wearing them or getting another one to add to my wardrobe! And this store has many crop tops, all different styles, feminine, sensual, grunge, cartoon and many many others, that you can chose from! 
So basicaly im gonna show you the ones who caught more my eye and that I would totally add to my wardrobe! Stay with me and see what I am about to share with you! Also dont forget to click on the images so you can go directly to the products page, that way you will find more important details!

And since I shared tops why not Sharing also some cheap skinny leg pants?

I usualy only wear leggings that look like pants because I feel more comfortable with them but these look actually very comfortable and I might get one pair or two! 

My favorites are

Theres different Style of pants I really love the last ones, since its more my taste! But all the pants I have shared in this post are the ones who caught my eye and that I like and wouldnt mind at all to buy! Also, they have great quality and design!

Now to end up this post im gonna make like a little game, so StyleWe has a blog post where they show 10 types of fashion styles and what I want you to do is, to check the page and tell me who me your fashion Style! 

I can tell you mine right now, why not? Haha

Mine is the #9 rocker fashion Style , of course if you know me well you would totally find it out even by yourself ! Also you can see some celebrity examples using those different styles! Its a pretty interesting post to check out! And dont forget that the store actually sells clothing like this! So dont forget to check the store and Tell me in the comments below wich of those 10 styles is yours! Im curious!

Stay tuned on my blog and have a lovely day!

Zaful wishlist

Prom dresses Canada
Hello dear followers, this time Im gonna talk you about a store who has awesome clothes im gonna actually show you a pic of me with one of their products! 

Its praticaly one of my favorite stores, they have awesome stuff, the prices are good! And the quality of their items is just beyhond the price!

But first im gonna show you my favorite pieces! And believe me it was actually pretty hard to chose these! They have so many stuff I like and would love to get, that this would be a infinite blog post! And I dont think you would like that Hahaha!

Lets start them, dont forget that this is my personal Style and taste, check their store by yourself: Zaful

Simple pieces but that would look awesome in a outfit of the day! Dont forget to click on the pictures to go to the products page! 

By the way they are having a special valentines day promotion! So go check it and you might find awesome stuff for you! 

 Sorry for the lack of quality but my processional camera just broke and I have to try to save some cash to buy a new one! 

Still the necklace, and both tops are from Zaful! I hope I can take another pictures and you can see everything way better, still I think you have a idea of how the store is and their products, also they answer really fast to emails so if you have any doubt and need advice or support, you will get a reply quickly! 

Dont forget to Stay tuned to my blog and dont forget to check this store and also if you want share with me your favorite products!

MillyBridal- Long Prom Dresses

Millybridal Prom Dresses
Hello dear followers, as you can see I have been featuring a lot this store on my blog, already shared with you their Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, and now its time to show the Long Prom Dresses, that everyone always like to have at least on in their wardrobe, for those special days! Well this store is all about special days, and its actually a really special store with special workers, designers etc. 

MillyBridal is the best store for these important and unforgetable days!
Also check the other posts here: Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid dresses posts!

Time to share with you the Long Prom dresses, dont forget that this is my personal Style, you have thousands of dresses to search for And scroll on their website on the link above! So if these are not your taste check the store page and im completely 100% sure that you will find the perfect one for you!

These are the ones who caught my attention, very feminine, sensual, and beautiful, thats how every women wants to feel when wearing a Dress like this! 
Dont forget that if you like any of these designs but the color is not your taste at all, dont worry, nothing wrong with that, because you can select other color on the products page! So that way you will have the dream Dress you wanted so Much, sometimes se like a design but we bate the color and then we dont have more options, because some stores dont give you those options, and its sad because sometimes theres a design that its unique and hard to find but the color its just not your taste! In this store dont worry at all with that !

Dont forget that if you need any type of help with sizes etc, you can chat with a team member in the website! They reply fast, so dont worry in case you need a answer fast!

Stay tuned on my blog and dont forget to check this wonderful store!

MillyBridal UK - Wedding dresses

Millybridal Prom Dresses

Hello dear followers, In the last post I wrote about Bridesmaid  and a little bit of this lovely store you can check that post here

This time Im gonna show you a couple of dresses but brides ones! 
Its time to enter this Wonderland of beauty, Magic, love, a dream world that every women wants to enter one day! I wish I will, im a very sensible, romantic and a dreamer, so I really wish that one day I will be a lucky girl for once in my life and get married with the person I love, I still have hope that one day its gonna be my time to be happy!

I have my own personal Style so maybe you might not find it your type, but all you have to do is go directly to the brides dresses page and search for the ones you like the most! They have a huge variety of dresses, all different colors, textures, etc. You can see the measurements so the dresses fit you perfectly, and dont forget that they are very supportive and will help you with everything you need!

They asnwer you fast, so if you need answers fast dont worry you will get them!

Gonna start with the dresses show off


And thats all for now, I hope you liked the ones I shared with you, and dont forget to click on the pictures so you can go to the products page! 

By the way you can also chat with the support team while on their website, so you dont need to send email, since they can answer you directly! Pretty cool right?

Stay tuned for more posts! 

UK Milly Bridal

wedding dresses UK
Hello dear followers, today im gonna talk you about this amazing store called UK Milly Bridal where you can find the best Wedding Dresses or other special occasions dresses, after hearing many people complain about how Much expensive the Bridal dresses are, they decided to create this store so they could make many bridals their dream come true and have a Dress with a less expensive price and with good quality! This is all about making dreams come true and we all know how important a Wedding day is and the impact it has in out lifes!

Im going to write more than one post about this store and thats simply because you need to see the other dresses categories they have, so I will be Sharing in the Next posts Long Prom dresses and the Wedding dresses! So if you like to know what I think of them come back to my blog and check it out!

Thats why this store earned so Much popularity, and also the reason why they surely deserve me doing this post!

I have made a wishlist, its not about Bridal dresses but Bridesmaid Dresses ones!

These were the ones who catched my eye more! And if I had to one day be a bridesmaid I would love to esse one of these! Also dont forget to check the pictures because they have the link to the products page, that way you can see more detailed information! Also if you need something you can contact them and they will give you all the support! 

Tell me what you think of the dresses I have chosen, whats your favorite? And if you want share with me your favorite ones!

Stay tuned!

Guitar Center - Special information

Hello dear followers, today I want to share with you a new band called Boyz N The Hood, you can see it and buy it here: (eazy-e boyz-n-the Hood - guitarcenter.Com)there is 2 tracks included and this will help the band a lot, also its a cheap price and its totally worth it!
 So Lets support them!

Also dont forget guitar Center website! They have awesome stuff and pretty good prices and top quality!

OkDress Wedding dresses -opinion + wishlist

Prom dresses Canada
Hello dear followers, First of all I hope you started 2017 well! And I wishlist that this year will be better for many people.

So, today im gonna talk you about + show you some pretty cute Wedding dresses! 
This store is called OkDress its a store focused in Wedding gowns/dresses, evening dresses, jewerly, costumes and other Chinese made goods!

They want to provide you top quality products with affordable prices! 
Also they have a really good team that will give you all the support you need! Dont forget to check their promotion codes! They have really fast shipping, so you will receive your goodies quickly!

Time to show you some of their top selections - Wedding dresses Uk  I will share with you the ones I liked more, dont forget to click the pictures so you can go directly to the products page and see more details that you might want!

 Mermaid Wedding Dress

 Ivory organza Wedding dress
 2017 Bateau court train Wedding dress
 Extravagant natural Wedding dress
As you can see I really like the long dresses and more traditional ones, since they are similar to princess or Queen dresses!

After this little list - its time to talk about their Wedding dresses 2017 - the topsellers 

They also have disccount so if you are looking for a Wedding Dress go check it out and you will probably find your dream Dress, for such a special day of your life!

And its all I wanted to share with you - for now! 

I really hope that some of these caught your attention! Even if they didnt because is not your personal Style and taste then just click on the links above! 

They also have testimonials where you can see a ton of pictures of their clients using the products, that will give you a idea of their quality etc, since sometimes pictures look better than the produtos in many stores BUT not the case in this one, dont worry! 

See you in the Next post and Stay tuned!